1. Scorching

From the recording Funky MC


Lyrics coming at you straight from the brain
Most of the time I feel insane
This is what I was born to do
And I always see it through
The one who rocks the mic, that man is me
The one who does it so easily
I’m gonna kick it real old-school style
Up on the mic you know that I go wild
I rock it to the rhythm and I rock it to the groove
I get paid, I’ve got it made, and I keep it smooth
I’m the man who does it best
Coming from the coast located in the west
I’m doing what I love to do so I’ve already won
I’m a good man and I’m scorching like the sun
What I love to do is rock the mic on the daily
Up on the mic you know that I go crazy
I’m taking it back to the old-school
I’m not a joke and I’m not a fool
I rock the mic and I rock it right
And that’s what I’m doing tonight