1. Precision

From the recording Precision


Hey now party people, won’t you listen to me?
I’m the man up on the microphone, I’m your MC
I manifest and I’m blessed ‘cause I’m keeping it real
I’m not the type of man to conceal how I feel
I’ll keep it going at a steady tempo
I just love love to kick it with the funky, funky flow
I’m in tune with the spirit and the energy around
And I love to kick it it with the old-school sound
When I’m on the microphone I keep it laid back
I’m so very dope and you know that’s a fact
My reflection staring in the mirror
That’s when I realize I have no fear
I love the man I turned out to be
My soul is elevated, feeling so free
Life is beautiful and it’s a treat
I just love to rock it to the funky beat
I’m very wise, and I don’t wear a disguise
I’m not telling lies, and like yeast I rise
Music is forever and I’m here to say
I was born and raised in San Jose
Here I go again cold rockin’ the crowd
Everything I do, I do it with no doubt
Listen up to me and you’ll be in a trance
I’m just gonna rock it in my b-boy stance
My lyrical skills and my technical prose
I’m so very fresh and that’s the way that it goes
Making up this jam, it was my decision
And up on the microphone I’ve got precision