1. Represent

From the recording The Underdog


I’m from The Bay
I’m from San Jose
Just like an animal let up out of his cage
I’m insane
This is my refrain
Lyrics coming at you straight from the brain
Are you impressed?
With music I’m obsessed
It’s what helped me when I was depressed
Now I’m great
I believe in fate
Hire me if you can afford the rate
I’m on time
Lyrics from my mind
When I’m on the mic I turn water into wine
‘Cause I’m a poet
Don’t I know it
I’m a fly MC and I’m not afraid to show it
So listen to me
In the place to be
What I love I take so seriously
I flow with the rhyme
Every single time
The mic is held by me
Peace of mind is the key
I rock the mic and I rock it right
And that’s what I’m doing tonight
This jam was worth every penny spent
And San Jose is the city that I represent